MediaView is a sophisticated and secure online rich-media delivery platform hosted in the Cloud.

Store, control and connect the people in your organisation with the material and information they need to see in a single feature rich platform.

MediaView gives your organisation an end to end communications and training platform.

MediaView is customised for your organisation’s specific requirements; your logo, specified web page layouts and colours for all page elements.


Store any type of digital file in the Cloud.

• Create media assets anywhere, on any device and upload instantly

• Ensure that secure content is available only to authorised users

• Add metadata around any asset allowing for fast searchability

• Enjoy fast connectivity and no data limits




Control who can access your media content.

• Decide exactly what individuals and groups can and cannot do

• Assign different types of user privileges

• Manage privacy and private information

• Ensure secure delivery of specific information

• Access reporting tools for detailed analytics of user activity

Connect people with your content.

• Allow open access to selected content

• Share information one to one or one to many

• Interface online from anywhere on any connected device

• Use EVA to interact with staff and customers

• Communicate with MediaView Live webinars



Easy to implement, fast and cost-effective find out how MediaView can deliver your organisation amazing benefits and value.


Optional services:


‘EVA’ gives all MediaView users a set of annotation tools that make it easy to turn any video into an interactive video for staff training and customer surveys.

Mediaview Live lets you produce and deliver live webinar events to staff or customers across the globe that can then be captured and stored in your MediaView platform for further use, back up or sharing.

Key Feature List


• MediaView can be managed directly by your people

• Different types of users can be set up and given specific privileges

• Users can be set up individually or by groups

• Access levels can be set and changed

• Logins are issued to users by email

• Uploaded videos are automatically transcoded for optimal web delivery

• Metadata can be created and edited

• A powerful Search Tool makes finding content easy

• Authorised users can create favourites, Tags and Comments

• Download, Clipping and Embed options can be assigned to users

• Related materials can be uploaded

• Content can be deployed with view links and embedded into other platforms

• Content can be embargoed to ensure timed delivery of specific content

• Reporting tools provide detailed analytics of user activity statistics

• Integration into existing identity management systems available

• Adaptive SLA terms to meet your corporate requirements


All MediaView content is hosted and backed up within territorial New Zealand, with core technical infrastructure located and supported in our Rosedale Data Centre. Ecast’s dedicated account managers and our NZ based technology team provide up to 24h support.


MediaView is a New Zealand developed platform architected, delivered and managed by E-cast Ltd.

MediaView Live is Ecast’s events platform for streaming and recording of live content:

Events, Seminars, Webinars, Conferences, Training and Communication.



Live events are recorded and are available immediately post event for on demand viewing on the live page and by upload to an existing website or to MediaView.



• authenticate viewers or send a link to view

• online registration with optional payment gateway

• pause and rewind the live feed

• interact with the chat function

• display visual presentations on a separate screen

• download options for related materials

• watch on any device

• comprehensive reporting functions


MediaView Live events can be produced from:

‘EVA’, our Enhanced Video Annotation service, gives all Mediaview users a set of annotation tools that make it easy to turn any video into an interactive video.


EVA offers 14 different types of interactions which pop up on the screen while the audience watches a video.



• Enrich any video with added information.

• Engage viewers with questions, quizzes and puzzles.

• Gain immediate responses for training.

• Conduct surveys.

• Unlimited viewer access.


EVA Lite - Add in-depth information with 5 no-response tools - Labels, Text, Tables, Links and Images that the viewer can see on the screen during video playback.

EVA Pro - Create quizzes, tests, puzzles and polls from 9 interactive tools for viewers to answer at any time in the video.

Add Multiple Choice, Single Choice, Fill-in the Blanks, Drag and Drop Words,Text Entry and Drag Text activities to a video.

The responses are available to the creator of the EVA along with data and analytics for further analysis and assessment. Receive interaction data by named or unidentified individuals.

  • Store content that is for your eyes only.

  • Share when you want.








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